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What Should You Look for From a Web Hosting Provider?

Created by Team MDWH

One of the first and most important things you need to do before you can begin a business online is select the right web hosting provider. The choices available today are plenty and while that is a good thing, it can also be very confusing at the same time. The reliability of the service is, of course, the most important factor because every second that your site remains unavailable to your customers/followers, you are losing money. However, there’s more to selecting the right web hosting provider than just high uptime and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss here.


The thing about accidents and disasters in general is that they seem to be impossible things that can never happen to you, until they actually do. The accidental deletion of content or other forms of data loss from a site isn’t uncommon and that’s why you need to have a hosting service that provides backup to all your data, preferably on a daily basis. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go a step further and inquire if the provider also has a secondary backup system in place, just in case of emergencies.

Reliability for Uptime

As mentioned before, one of the most fundamental things that you should look for in a hosting provider is an uptime guarantee. In fact, even if the provider is giving the guarantee for 99% or higher uptime, it’s probably a good idea to do a bit of research of your own to see if the provider really does have a good reputation in that department. Every reliable service provider has multiple servers mirrored in different locations so that their customers never have to suffer even if one of the servers goes down at any point in time. Nothing hurts the reputation of a business more than your potential customers typing in your website address to see a blank page.


If you are just starting with an online venture, you may want to start small, but that shouldn’t mean you will have to stay within the limitations of the beginner’s plan for all eternity! This is why you need to look for a hosting provider which allows for scalability. When your business grows out of the limitations of the current plan in place, you will need to upgrade to a better plan to access more services and accommodate more customers in the best way possible. In addition, there are two more things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Your hosting service should have a plan that will allow for the necessary bandwidth if you ever experience a sudden surge in web traffic. Consider a scenario where your entire site crashes right after you managed to hit off a very successful marketing campaign and pull in a lot of traffic!
  2. The extra bandwidth which will be necessary to handle the surge in traffic will cost you extra money for sure, but it shouldn’t be beyond reason. There’s no point in enjoying excellent traffic if you are spending all your profits paying for surge management.

These three should be the priorities while choosing a web hosting provider, but once you have found a few that do meet these criteria, you should start looking into the add-on benefits on offer, exit strategies, overall accessibility, etc. The key is in the detail, so make sure that you are thorough with everything before you sign up because this is a decision that is likely to stick with your blog or website for a long time.

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